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How To Save Money

Updated: Feb 5

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Times are hard and we are all wanting to save money, but am I really trying and are YOU really trying?

Maybe you are saving for a deposit for a car? mortgage? or maybe you are struggling with BILLS

Everybody goes straight to there shopping list and starts to cross the items off that they can no longer afford... But why? have you tried anything else besides cutting back on your groceries or luxuries?

1. Topcashback Lets start with this... You need a new TV and no matter what you are buying a TV this weekend, have you thought about checking Topcashback if you can get any money back on your purchase? You can get money back on almost anything you want to purchase so why not just use it and get FREE money back?

2. Comparethemarket Tried changing any of your insurances? Hundreds of people each year are saving hundreds on insurance plans just by switching insurers.

3. Mysupermarket Instead of taking things off your shopping list why cant you just use Mysupermarket to find where the cheapest products on your shopping lists are and?

4. Kelkoo So you're looking for a product but you want it at the best price you could possible get it for... Kelkoo offers that to you the team work hard on finding prices online and making sure they have the best deal for the customer

5. Turn2us Maybe you are not receiving the benefits or Tax help that you are entitled to. This Website will let you know what

you are entitled to after you input your information.

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