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Pay Your Bills With These Survey Sites

Survey sites can be great to pay bills If you have not tried them before, this Is not a get rich quick scheme but sitting down a few times a week completing surveys that are offered to you for some free money sounds good right?

Top Tips

1. Do not sign up to every survey site at once as you will simply not keep up.

2. Make sure you check your emails for new offers.

3. Update your profile if anything changes as you might have new surveys available.


Not only does Swagbucks offer money for surveys but they will offer you cashback from shopping online and even downloading apps!

Once you have collected enough SB (Swagbucks) you can redeem them for gift cards or redeem the cash through Paypal.

YouGov Panel

Yet another great survey site that offer many surveys!

Collect 5000 points and redeem £50

They will send you notifications daily for new surveys to complete

Branded Surveys

Sign up to Branded Surveys and start collecting rewards from gift cards or cash through paypal.

Offering a leaderboard and a ranking system that gives you extra percentages on how many points you can earn on each survey you do makes this survey site fun to jump on everyday and take those surveys!

Inbox Pounds

Without a doubt this survey site has to be in here as It gives you a FREE £1 just for signing up!

Just for signing up for a free Amazon trial they will give another £3

Between the surveys and the promotions they offer you can also use the spin and win system they have to get even more money!

Oh My Dosh

Very similar to the first on this list with some crazy offers and once you earn enough you can cash out and start earning again.

Always make sure you check your emails for new offers and surveys!

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